I have to say, in the 37 years I've owned the car it has never driven as well as it does now - it fairly glides along, cruises comfortably at 60-70mph and feels like it wants to do more! It really is testament to your skill, expertise and attention to detail. To say I'm delighted is an understatement - thank you so much! Mike.


Thanks for looking after KKD, what a difference a week makes !

The car drives like it is a brand new spitfire, giving me confidence to go anywhere.

I loved the way you kept me abreast of the work with photos, and the experience was such a positive one.

Will definitely be back to cross a few more jobs off the list.

Cheers Matthew


Hi John,

A quick one to thank you. I took June up to Essex today, a 1.5 hour journey took 3 hours! The Spit sat happily in the burning sun in the traffic jam and didn’t over heat (she’s always been good like that!). Once on the M25 she was a dream. On the way back I was in the fast lane of the M25 doing 90 with the modern cars, roof down and loving it!! I have sunburnt arms now but i love how I got them!! 

Thank you


Just picked up EKV from JY Classics, took the long way home !

Not sure if the smile on my face was being on the road again or knowing what safe hand she'd been in.

John had addressed a few issues once again with his positive no problem attitude.

The doors now close better than a golf...

Great knowledge and service as always.

Thanks again.


Absolutlely outstanding service from JY. I dealt with John and he is a polite, friendly, knowledgable, helpful and enthusiastic guy. If there is something he or his team don't know it's not worth knowing. Would highly recommend JY Classics.

I had just bought a 1967 Triumph Spitfire MK2 and John managed to fit me in the very next day to conduct an assessment of the car. The examination proved not only comprehensive involving both a test drive and a detailed examination of the underside of the car but was also very instructive as he took me through every aspect in a particularly used friendly fashion.

John from JY Classics rescued our Triumph Spitfire from a layby after the car broke down on the way to his workshop. John did an outstanding job repairing and restoring the car, updating us every step of the way. His workmanship and knowledge is second to none. We would highly recommend JY Classics, a first class service! Thank you so much John. Sarah & Nick.

Hi John,


I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the work you carried out on my Spitfire.


It’s work in progress but I’m delighted, using your expertise, to have ‘saved’ it for the future.

It was also great to receive photos of the work as it progressed which I will keep as a record of its restoration.

Thanks again.


Hi John,

The Vitesse you prepared for shipping to Germany earlier this year has been driving great all summer and autumn! Every time I have driven her, I have reminded myself to write and thank you officially. So better late than never!! 
There were a few initial teething problems where she had to be re-tested to German standards and that required adjustment of the exhaust gases, which resulted in unbalanced Carburettors. Once that was sorted out, no further problems and we have had great fun attending ‘Oldtimer’ rallies and driving ‘just for fun’ along with our TR5. My dog has even been kitted out with appropriate dog sunglasses to also keep the wind out of his eyes. The Vitesse is laid up for winter now, but I’m looking forward to next year, after the appropriate TLC in springtime.
Wishing you all the best for Christmas and New Year 2018.


Sorry it's taken this long to mail but I just wanted to let you know that the TR6 has driven like a dream since I picked it up last week and you are a legend!!
It feels a completely different car to the one I dropped off to you and my German friend who shares ownership of it was also amazed that it was the same vehicle he test drove a month ago, grinning like a Cheshire Cat when he got behind the wheel.
Your flexibility and understanding of my urgency to get the work done was truly first class, I can't thank you enough and will certainly recommend your services to every Triumph owner I meet!
Thank you so much for everything and I'll be in touch when the MOT is approaching. 

All the very best




Very noticeable changes much smoother ride and firm brakes. Found myself going over 60mph can't remember the last time I did that. 



Hi John,


Following our phone conversation last Friday after I had driven my TR back home when I said how much better the car was, I have now been out several times over the weekend.


The more I drive it the more I realise just how much of an improvement you have made. The ride, handling, steering and braking are so much better it is hard to appreciate it is the same car. When you add in the better starting and running it is a joy to drive and the grin factor is at the top of the scale.


A sincere thank you John for doing such a top job. See you at MOT time!


Best regards




As you see below GT arrived at lands end.  
Completed the full RBRR trip of over 2.000 miles and no issues other than water pump failed which we replaced in 50 minutes with the help of a TR6. Only spare I did not take. 

Thanks for the work you did which clearly helped prepare for this very long trip and was enjoyed by both drivers and your donation helped the guide dogs. 


Once again thanks, see you again in the future and I will continue to tell people to call you if they need any work done. 


Hi John,

Great to see you again today and to collect my beloved TR4a.

Surprisingly for me, the difference in handling is quite startling since you re-bushed her and replaced the upper-steering column assembly.

A much firmer, tighter and more responsive ride has been the outcome - superb and this really has enhanced the driving experience for me in this vehicle.

The other work you carried out is first class too, of course. The way you have dealt with me throughout, your constant attention to detail as well and the sheer quality of the work is simply outstanding and again, I thank you sincerely for making what can be a rather worrying time such a pleasant experience which in fairness, when you put a much cherished vehicle in for work, is not a phrase you would expect to be making.

So, a brilliant job, one which I cannot praise too highly.

I shall be enjoying what is left of the summer and autumn with the top down and will be back next year no doubt, for a few more 'essential' updates.

Many thanks and my warmest regards to you as always,


Sorry, I totally forgot to call. I got home just fine. Better than fine: my Spitfire flew! (where traffic allowed.) I got home later than expected, so Dad Duties came into play, if that can justify my forgetfulness?
Thank you so much for the electronic ignition. Jane, my wife, so was so pleased to hear of your impeccable service and generosity.
With very best wishes, Joe.


Many thanks for all your work on my TR4.

We enjoyed using the car on Sunday-great open top motoring.

So far the car has started well and drives beautifully.

Thanks once again.

I’ll get in touch about sorting the MOT in August.



Amazing! You are a walking genius.

The best drive since 1987. Before that she was in a barn for 15 years!


Miss Lippy returns home and a happy Ted too. Would highly recommend JY Classics, very pleased with the work they have done, she nurdled home a treat with working heater and wipers, luxury, thanks John and James.


Graham Ol' Boys

Again thank you.

Drove and started perfectly with multiple stops on the way home. Seems to drive better with smoother power delivery as well. Top class work John Yarnell.



Hi John,
Just to say how pleased I am with work you did on my Herald, she is running well.
Liked the Facebook photo & comments unfortunately I was 8 years old in 1962 !!!

All the best

Hi John...Just to say it was good to meet you today. No problems at all on the way back. The temperature looked OK and the engine idled nicely at all the stops. Thats probably the longest drive its done in about 12 years ! Im sure Ill be back there fairly soon to get a few more bits sorted out.



I enjoyed the drive home very much. The engine performance is significantly better in almost every respect:

I believe you are right; the car is now noticeably faster. I drove off along Watchet Lane shouting ‘Wow, Wow!'
The car now idles properly, without stalling. Previously it was all over the place. I can now drive without the choke cracked open and without stalling at junctions, which can only be a good thing!

So all in all, much improved. Thanks for your good work!


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